Magic Carpet Collection


This collection is different from a lot of my pieces in that it uses only simple tent stitch all over. The design is based on a lovely old oriental carpet and is similar to the Turkish Tassel Bag and Doorstop. These lovely old ethnic textiles designs have always been a favourite for me.

All the stitching is worked in stranded cotton using four strands of one colour and two of another, this give a slightly muted effect rather like an oriental carpet.

Scissor and Thread Cutter Pocket

A little felt lined pocket to keep your embroidery scissors or thread cutter safe. Take the scissors or thread cutter out to use them and then use the tagged twisted cord to pull them back inside the pocket.

The kits contain all you need including felt for lining and instructions for the multi-coloured cord.

Spectacle Case

Worked on both sides the spectacle cases are lined with felt and have a magnetic closure to keep your specs safe and unscratched. They will take a fairly good sized pair but if yours are particularly large you could repeat the chevron patterns at the sides (you should have plenty of thread but if not telephone me for more) or if they are small you could omit the chevrons.

The kits contain all you need to make a specs case, including the felt for lining and the magnetic closure with instructions for fitting it.

Biscornu Pincushion

The shape is easily made from two squares stitched together with the corners offset. There is a little bell on each point and a Dorset Button in the centre of each side.

The kit contains everything you need except for some polyester filling or sheep’s wool to complete your pincushion.

Biscornu Scissor Keeper

The same as the pincushion above but too small for a Dorset button.

Scissor Lanyard(new)

You can hang your scissors around your neck and pop a couple of spare needles into the little pincushion and you are ready to stitch. Also suitable for your keys or an identity card at work.

The kits contain all you need including grosgrain ribbon and the scissor clip. You will need some filling for the little pincushion

Thimbleybob (new)

Tuck your thimble into the back opening for a safe place on the end of your scissors, if you aren’t a thimble user you could tuck a secret sweetie instead!

The kit contains everything you need to complete your thimbleybob.

All the pieces in the collection are worked from a chart in stranded cotton on size 18 canvas.

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