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A simple idea based on the frames used in medieval times before we had all the clever gadgets that are available now. There is no limit to the size of the embroidery that you can do on them, just pin the area to be worked on the frame and move it as work progresses. There is no complicated sewing on to tapes and no nuts and bolts to get your threads caught around, you simply pin your work on and begin to stitch. The padding is comfortable to rest on and the frame is an attractive thing to sit in your living room. The relatively small size is comfortable to use and means that you shouldn’t need to stretch around it, which is what leads to sore shoulders and back pain. You won’t need a larger size as it is so easy to move your work as it progresses.

If your fabric is smaller than the area of the frame just stitch some calico or waste fabric to the sides of the piece to enlarge the area and then pin through that to the frame. As it is so easy to change from one piece of stitching to another you need not finish the current project before starting that tempting new one!

Also available is a long, narrow sandbag, this drapes over one corner of your upholstered frame and acts as a counterweight allowing you to work hands-free over the edge of a table. If you want to stitch for a long time sitting up properly at a table is best, work with one hand under the work and one over and then simply pass the needle between your hands. This way both arms are working and so your shoulders should be relaxed and balanced.

When filled the sandbag weighs 1.5 Kilo and has become very expensive to post. I now post them out empty so that you can fill it yourself. The pack contains a ready-made cover that will need slip stitching up and a liner ready to fill with 1.5 kilo of dry sand (available from garden centres or DIY stores as Play pit sand)
Your sandbag will match the frame that you have ordered.

The frames are suitable for all types of embroidery (cross stitch, counted thread, crewel and canvas) and come with two sets of pins – heavy ones for canvas and finer glass headed ones for more delicate fabrics. The covering fabric is quality linen union and the frames are made in an ever-changing selection of fabrics.

Please specify whether you would prefer Springtime or Autumnal colours or alternatively do feel free to telephone me to discuss your choice.

If you order both a frame and sandbag you will receive a complimentary cotton tote bag to carry both and keep your work clean and tidy.

The rate will be added to your order on checkout, depending on your address.

Europe: £9
Rest of the world: £13



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Dimensions 28 × 34 cm